Pics # 17


A's New Backpack!

We got A her very own little backpack! We figured it would be good for Preschool as well as trips to Grandma's house :) It's giraffe print and it has her name on it! So cute!


Such Personality!

Anistynn is going through this new phase where she thinks banging her head up against the wall (or anything, for that matter) is hilarious. Needless to say, we laugh too. I also was able to catch her saying some words in this video - she never does it for the camera so this is rare!


A Day At The Park

Tony had a photo shoot scheduled today so Anistynn and I (and Lia!) were going to tag along since it was at a park. It ended up getting rescheduled for tomorrow but we still went and played anyway since it was a such a nice day out!


17 Months!!

I cant believe we are one month away from A being a year and a half! I mean, what?! We literally just had her 1st birthday party yesterday. Ha! Crazy.

Happy 17 months, little babes!


Happy Birthday, Husby!

Today is my love's 26th birthday! My wish for him this year is for him to continue working on his art and photography as they are his passions... and that he finds peace and contentment from being involved in them. 

I love you so much, Tony! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and year! You mean more to me than I could ever put into words. Thank you for being such a wonderful daddy to Anistynn. She is blessed. xxx

Happy birthday, Mr. 4th! ;)